A green background with the words healthy choices written in blue.

Introductory soccer program for children 18 months – 8 years old. Offering soccer classes and summer camps in Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Windsor, Sebastopol and Rohnert Park.

A green background with the words healthy choices written in blue.

Introductory soccer program for children 18 months – 8 years old. Offering soccer classes and summer camps in Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Windsor, Sebastopol and Rohnert Park.

About Kinder Kickz Soccer

Help your child off to a healthy start with Kinder Kickz Soccer Program! Kinder Kickz is a noncompetitive, activity-based program for children ages 18 months
to 8 years.

Kinder Kickz uses soccer as a vehicle to develop and educate young children about the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle. The curriculum focuses on improving motor, social, and soccer skills in a fun and positive environment.

Kinder Kickz Soccer Program is the perfect introduction to sports and group play. It will help your child to build a great athletic foundation and also teach them the importance of teamwork and individual improvement in a non-competitive atmosphere. No child is too young to be active and healthy!

We are Sonoma County’s only mobile soccer program where we travel to a city near you in Sonoma County. Our introductory soccer classes and summer camps are held at various outdoor parks located in Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, and Windsor.

Kinder Kickz Soccer Program was founded in 2007 and is locally owned and operated by Renee and Christopher Ziemer. They reside with their two daughters and son in Santa Rosa, CA.

A group of children standing next to each other.


“Thank you so much for all that you have done for my son. I apologize for his silly behavior yesterday but in some ways it is so refreshing to see him comfortable enough to try and express his silly personality. I am not sure what changed for him from Fall to now, but in less then one year he is now begging to play soccer daily. Your clear directions, calm demeanor and ability to address ever different personality type in a direct and precise way is a joy to witness. The impact and positive influence you have on these little peoples lives is incredible. We look forward to re-joining after summer and by then you will have our youngest to coral as well. They can’t wait to start up!”

Danielle , Son 4 years old

“That was my very first experience with any kid’s sports. I had no idea what to expect and wondered what I would do for the hour. Your presence in front of the kids and the way you kept their attention was very impressive. I really enjoyed the experience and my son blossomed (he didn’t want to go) and had a blast.

Thank you. Your passion and teaching skills really show.”

Gillian , Son 4 years old

“Very professional, alert, courteous and knowledgeable with young kids!”

Yvonne , Grandson 18 months

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you! As you can see, Jack is small for his age. We have a diagnosis of constitutional delayed growth. He had the time of his life this week; truly the first team sport he has gelled with. We were able to get him signed up with PYSL. Again, thank you! His heart was so full this week. It literally brought tears to our eyes. He has done well with individual sports, but he finally found a team sport he feels. Amen!”

Kelly , Son 6 years old

“Thanks for a great couple of months of Kinder Kickz Soccer! I got to see my little girl participate is a sport that she really loves and that was truly amazing. I have seen her learn and thrive under your care and direction and I think she is turning into a pretty good little soccer player! The coaches you have assisting at the camp are REALLY great. I was very impressed! They are engaging, great with kids, and you can tell they know their way around a soccer field. You certainly have a way with the kids and really do a wonderful job of teaching the children, while keeping it fun, fair, and organized.

I just wanted to really express my gratitude!”

Shannon , Daughter 5 years old

“I’m sure you hear this a lot, but I needed to say it too. You are an amazing coach. Your enthusiasm and energy engage the children. I appreciate the patience you showed Cynthia these last couple of weeks as she tried soccer for her first time. The activities and games you build into the hour are fun and exciting for her. Thank you for offering the community this amazing opportunity for children to try something new in a low pressure, fun and engaging way.”

Amanda , Daughter 6 years old

“Thank you for offering such a fantastic program. All of the coaches are wonderful and really know how to handle kids. There are always challenging kids and so many programs don’t know how to handle the situation effectively…but that wasn’t the case with the coaches. During each class I was amazed as how well the kids were managed. Most importantly it always remained fun!!!

Lynn , Daughter 5.5 years old

“Mackenzie absolutely loves soccer with Kinder Kickz. She looks forward to it every week. When she is done, she is excited and pleasantly tired. She is getting exercise and doesn’t know it. And her balance and coordination have improved tremendously. Her coach does an excellent job of getting the kids excited and being sure to include everyone…even when one child is feeling shy or hesitant to participate. Her energy is contagious! She does a great job of incorporating soccer skills with lots of fun games. The equipment is fun, colorful, clean and in good condition. We’ve been attending for about a year and love it!”

Misty , Daughter 3 years old

“The classes really teach children to work as a group while learning new skills.”

Jennifer , Daughter 2 years old

“My son Robert has been going to Kinder Kickz for the past year and really enjoys it. It is a wonderful program. I would and have recommended this class to my friends. All the other parents really think that you have a wonderful program.”

Mary , Son 4 years old

“Memphis has improved so much in balance, agility, and running (not to mention taking direction) thanks to Kinder Kickz.”

Juli , Son 3.5 years old

I just wanted to let you know Jayden had so much fun! You guys are so great with all those kids. We are a big baseball family and he has been watching his big brothers (9,11) play all week and every weekend. This was just what he needed! Could not be happier! He wakes up every morning “do I have soccer today”! Thanks again. See you Monday.

Jamie , Son 3.5 years old

“Kinder Kickz has been a great activity to keep our boys active and learn about playing fair and being a team.”

Melissa , Son’s 2 and 5 years old

“My kids really love Kinder Kickz Soccer. We had to cut back on other activities but, we kept soccer because my kids really love it and look forward to it all week. It is amazing how much they learn, even my son at 18 months. They have learned how to follow instruction from their coach, how to be respectful to their teammates, and how being active as a family is fun. The main difference between this and other classes we’ve done is it’s obvious how much their coach loves what she does, and it shows in every single class!”

Victoria , Son 18 months and daughter 3 years old

“I just wanted to thank you for a great party today. Nolan had a blast and I think all of the other kids did, too. You should have seen them in the party room – the kids all grabbed balloons and were running around like little lunatics hitting each other with them. It was totally crazy, but they loved it! Brent heard one of the kids saying “This was the best birthday party ever!” when he left.”

Sara , Son’s 4 year birthday party

“Kinder Kickz keep them moving and happy.”

Leslie , Son 2 years old

I just want to thank you and the coaches for having the class.  Natalia was so excited.  The class was one of the best I've seen.  The coaches made it fun and educational.  It was a pleasure for her to play and for myself to watch!

Margaret, Granddaughter 4 years old

I wanted to make sure I thanked you for letting my daughter join Kinder Kickz at 4:15pm on Monday night!  She had the most amazing time and it was so awesome to see her having fun, especially after a not so great 1st soccer experience elsewhere. I know having her friend was a big motivator, but I really saw her concentrating on the task at hand as well, which was so cool!  I was really impressed with how Elena and Jasmine worked with the kids, and the structure of the class is so perfect with the balance of free playtime, structured fun skill drills, and bubbles!! You’re running a really great program there, and I’ve honestly been sharing my enthusiasm with others ever since!

Shelly, Daughter 4 years old